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Tiles On Our Walls

Darshan’s Sale brings to you premium wall tiles that are detailed with perfection. Each tile is made using state of the art technology making them strong, durable & easy to maintain.

Tiles On Our Floors

Darshan’s Sales scope of lavish floor tiles incorporates innovative skill with wonderful plans. Each tile is created utilizing super current innovation to guarantee top caliber.

The Ultima – 120×240 cm

The Ultima, an extra-large Vitrified Slabs by Darshan’s Sale, is bigger than your dreams. While their large size exuberates the grandeur of real marble, their stunning looks charm connoisseurs across the globe.

Gres Tough

The Gres Tough Slabs Collection reproduces the extraordinarily elegant details and natural irregularities of Italian Marble, rich in veining, streaks, marbling and knots

Vitronite – 80×240 cms

New Age Modern Counter Tops: The incredible range of slabs are designed for modern application and to create a chic and urban aura for a space.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles is one of the key parts utilized in the development business for building inside and outside floors, pathways, pools, walls, segments, and rooftops. Earthenware Tiles are profoundly strong. They offer security from scraped area and stains and they require less support. Sturdiness: Earthenware flooring is incredibly intense, and the tiles are challenging to break. … On the off chance that a solitary tile breaks because of an extreme effect, the most common way of supplanting a tile is moderately simple. Darshan Sales is merchant and provider of ceramic tiles in pune.

Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tile is a clay tile with extremely low porosity. It is a choice to marble and rock flooring. Vitrified tiles are frequently utilized outside because of their water and ice obstruction. There are four sorts of Vitrified tiles – Dissolvable salt, Twofold charge, Full Body, Glazed.vitrified tiles have color in whole body (thickness) of the tile. This makes chips and scratches less observable and settle on this an ideal decision for high traffic zones, yet the cycle altogether builds the expense.

Glazed vitrified tiles

Glazed vitrified tiles (GVT) have a coated surface. They offer a wide assortment of plan, work of art and surface surfaces like wood grain, bamboo, record or stone. This is likewise a costly cycle, however the expense is dropping as computerized printing strategies are introduced .Glazed tiles go through an extra stage in the terminating system, by which a layer of fluid glass is added to the tile. Strength. Glazed tiles ordinarily aren’t as thick and thusly are less thick than unglazed tiles.

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